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Unlike most actors, I was actually born in Los Angeles, California…okay, Van Nuys (close enough)... at a very young age. But, the southern charm came from growing up in a small town outside Dallas, Texas. 

While life in the Lone Star state was good, I decided after getting a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Theater from Texas Christian University, to head back to L.A., where I cleaned swimming pools while pursuing my acting career.

As luck would have it, one of the pools I cleaned belonged to director Bob Rafelson. Bob cast me in my first film, "Stay Hungry", along with another unknown, Arnold Schwartzeneggar.

Next came television.  I appeared in several shows beginning with the 70's cop show "Starsky and Hutch" .  But it was when I guest-starred on "Maude", that I got my first big break.  Norman Lear “discovered” me and wrote me into "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman".  I played the truck driver, "Mac", for two years.

When that show ended, I returned to do the final episode of "Maude" which became the pilot for a new series called "Mr. Dugan".  When CBS cancelled that show, Alan Horn offered me the starring role of "Cal" on "Sanford", starring Red Foxx. I played "Cal" for two years.

When "Sanford" went off the air, I went back to features.  Hal Ashby cast me in "Sluggers Wife".  I finished that picture and the next day started the movie "Mask", playing the mute giant biker, Dozer. 

Over the next ten years I was lucky enough to have acted in over sixty-two pictures ranging from "Son-in-Law" to "Tin Cup".

Currently I teach an acting class in the Los Angeles area and have recurring roles on the FOX animated series "King of the Hill" and NBC's new primetime show "My Name is Earl".